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Equipment Affects Motion Podcast – Fairways and Greens Show

The “Vegas Golf Coach” breaks down club fitting, how equipment affects motion, and more on this

Episode of “Fairways and Greens” 


Equipment – Fairways & Greens

On this episode of Fairways & Greens, the “Vegas Golf Coach” and Master H-G Club Fitter, Gaylord Rhodes, shares the history of how a small equipment company pioneered club fitting. Plus, Rhodes breaks down all aspects of club fitting, equipment design, and how equipment affects motion.

Join us for this episode of Fairways & Greens!

Thoughts on ball flight

name logoIt has always amazed me how most of my students continually try to hit the ball straight at their target. A proper swing occurs on an inclined circular plane so hitting the ball straight is the most difficult shot to repeat. Compound that with the fact that your misses will always be heading away from the target and you see why that concept is flawed. I always teach my students to seek out their natural swing motion and to work the ball into their targets with that motion whether they draw it or fade it.

“If you ever see me hit a ball straight at my target I missed that shot”    -Ben Hogan


Equipment Affects Motion

After 30 years of Coaching and club fitting my students the one area that I see my students fail to understand and take advantage of is how their “Equipment Affects Their Motion.” If you are going to take the time and effort to learn this game, work on improving your swing motion and ball striking and your equipment has not been fit to YOU…..you are going to hold back your progress. Henry-Griffitts Certified Teachers are trained extensively before we are certified to Fit. We are trained to identify how the different components of your equipment can positively or negatively affect your swing motion.  Your ability to learn and get the proper feedback as you are learning can be drastically affected by your equipment.  At Henry-Griffitts we have over 3000 fitting options. We fit the individual to their swing and balanced motion. The Industry simply fits the masses offering limited options and typically relying on in store sales staffs to fit you.  Having your own Henry-Griffitts Teaching Professional fitting you will guarantee you get the proper equipment to help you develop a balanced swing and get the proper feed back as you learn. “

Educated Consumers Make Smart Buyers.”


fi8tting system 

Thoughts on Golf 11-06-15

When my students come in for their first lesson I always ask what their goals are.  The most common answer is they want to be more consistent.  The simple solution for this is to focus on creating better balance in their swings.

“In every athletic activity success seems to be proportional to the player’s sense of balance and force. Off balance force is very erratic.”  Homer Kelly  -The Golfing Machine

Your swing has one responsibility: to control the club(shaft, head and face) as your body performs the swing in balance.

 There are no positions in a swing motion. Only proper alignments, body rotation and geometry will allow you to swing in balance. Compensations create imbalance. the goal should be to achieve better balance which is accomplished by reducing your compensations. Reducing compensations reduces the need for timing and creates more consistency.

Sounds simple!  The key is finding and developing a relationship with a coach that your trust and believe can help you develop and understand “YOUR BEST BALANCED SWING”.




Coaching vs Teaching

                                              COACHING VS TEACHING


 A coach is a person who knows what you need and helps you get it! The best method for developing real improvement in golf is to increase your awareness of your swing motion and more importantly your game internally, not by trying to absorb external information provided by a teacher, book or video, but more of an internal journey to discover your best balance swing motion with the guidance of a good coach and mentor.

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Arms in Front Elbows Down

One of my First Mentors back in the early 1960’s once told me this gem of a swing thought:

“Arms in front elbows down”  It wasn’t until years later that I realized how many things get fixed when you understand this idea?

Just recently I heard Jimmy Ballard and Rocco Mediate use these exact words to describe the feeling of a proper swing motion!