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Equipment Affects Motion Podcast – Fairways and Greens Show

The “Vegas Golf Coach” breaks down club fitting, how equipment affects motion, and more on this

Episode of “Fairways and Greens” 


Equipment – Fairways & Greens

On this episode of Fairways & Greens, the “Vegas Golf Coach” and Master H-G Club Fitter, Gaylord Rhodes, shares the history of how a small equipment company pioneered club fitting. Plus, Rhodes breaks down all aspects of club fitting, equipment design, and how equipment affects motion.

Join us for this episode of Fairways & Greens!

Thoughts on ball flight

name logoIt has always amazed me how most of my students continually try to hit the ball straight at their target. A proper swing occurs on an inclined circular plane so hitting the ball straight is the most difficult shot to repeat. Compound that with the fact that your misses will always be heading away from the target and you see why that concept is flawed. I always teach my students to seek out their natural swing motion and to work the ball into their targets with that motion whether they draw it or fade it.

“If you ever see me hit a ball straight at my target I missed that shot”    -Ben Hogan


The journey of golf

The thousand and one things that we should not do in golf are evidence of the difficulties of the game. The challenge to get better drives us to a perfection that doesn’t exist. As we conquer one goal we find another.

What a wonderful journey the game is

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Bob Toski on Teaching Golf


“A teacher can get a lot of attention working with tour players, but the challenge isn’t that great. What’s hard is taking someone who is totally spastic and turning them into a 10-handicapper.”

I have also  found this to be true!!!                                                       logo slide

Thoughts on Learning Golf

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 Fundamentally, I believe that each individual should actually teach themselves as they gain knowledge and experience. The golf swing itself is performed best when the student is in balance… physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.

The best method for developing real improvement in golf is to increase your awareness of your swing motion and more importantly your game internally, not by trying to absorb external information provided by a teacher, book or video, but more of an internal journey to discover your best balance swing motion with the guidance of a good coach and mentor. 

By simplifying your understanding of the full swing into concepts based on a natural balanced motion you can leave the mechanics on the lesson tee and create an evaluation system of your “swing motion” with your coach that allows you to understand why your ball goes left, right and straight. This allows you to make quick adjustments based on what the ball is doing and frees you up to begin to become more target aware and less mechanical. When you begin to actually play golf and not golf swing, you will finally be free to play better golf, improve your scores and most importantly have more fun.

Dynamic Club Fitting

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What is a Dynamic Club Fitting?

A traditional static fit is based on physical measurements that can only give you a “general fit.” It does not come close to the customization a dynamic fit takes into account stance, swing style, and ball flight, as well as swing tendencies that affect the position of the club at impact.

This dynamic fitting takes place at all Henry-Griffitts Golf Training Centers using the inter changeable fitting system, allowing the teacher to make adjustments on your unique style, stance and swing.  Are you ready to get Fit to your swing?  Check here for more info.

Rhoderunner Golf located at  LVCC is proud to be the Official Henry-Griffitts Dynamic Fitting Center In Las Vegas .

-G Rhodes 

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