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Dynamic Fitting

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What is a Dynamic Fit?

A traditional static fit is based on physical measurements that can only give you a “general fit.” It does not come close to the customization a dynamic fit takes into account stance, swing style, and ball flight, as well as swing tendencies that affect the position of the club at impact.

This dynamic fitting takes place at all Henry-Griffitts Golf Training Centers using the inter changeable fitting system, allowing the teacher to make adjustments on your unique style, stance and swing.

The Process of a Dynamic Fit.

Teacher ⇒ Lesson ⇒ Equipment Evaluation ⇒ Establish Balance ⇒ Ball Fight Analysis ⇒ Equipment Specifications ⇒ Production ⇒ Delivery ⇒ Follow Up ⇒ Establish Balance ⇒ Ball Flight Analysis ⇒ Equipment Evaluation ⇒ Teacher

Swinging in Balance

A strong swing – one that is repeatable and reliable – is impossible to achieve without balance. Henry-Griffitts Certified Teachers work from that foundation. Balance in the body and club are intrinsically connected – at address, during take – away, at the top of the swing, through impact, and at the finish. With Clubs that truly fit you, balance can be achieved in a repeatable reliable form.