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Equipment Affects Motion

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I get asked all the time why getting fit equipment is so important.  Many of my beginners and first time students wonder why they need to have fit equipment since they are just beginning.  I respond by replying that “Feedback is Fundamental to Learning.”

Quite simply “Equipment Affects Motion.” If you are going to take the time and effort to learn this game, work on improving your swing motion and ball striking and your equipment has not been fit to YOU…..you are going to hold back your progress.

Poorly fitted equipment makes it harder for golfers to make a strong, balanced swing motion. When you try to make an in-balance swing with an ill-fitted club, you tend to compensate for the imperfection by experimenting with out-of balance motions, such as falling backwards, swaying, ect. This is really most noticeable with driver swings but your irons produce similar problems particularly in terms of directional issues that create path and balance issues as well.

Equipment that is fitted, or equipment that fits, strengthens the golf swing. The trick is finding the specifications that best fits your height, weight, strength and skill. Clubs custom-fitted by Henry=Griffitts Certified Teachers make your best motion easier to achieve.

You might think that this concept of “equipment affects motion” is a radical concept. The truth is we are simply stating a truth that we have proven for over 30 Years. Randy Henry had the vision to see these problems and identify them back in the late 1970’s By 1983 he officially opened Henry-Griffitts as the first and only Manufacturer to offer Precision club fitting.  From designing his own clubs and shafts he has pioneered and innovated for over 30 years and trained and mentored Teachers as Certified Fitters around the world.

At Henry-Griffitts we have over 3000 fitting options.  We fit the individual to their swing and balanced motion. The Industry fits the masses offering limited options.