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Gaylord Rhodes the “Vegas Golf Coach” has over 30 years experience as a Golf Professional dedicating 26 of those years to educating, coaching and teaching professionals and amateurs all over the US. He is a Certified Master Henry-Griffitts Club Fitter®,  GSEB certified Golfing Machine instructor.

He created Rhoderunner Golf in 2003 to further the growth of golf by providing locations dedicated to  player development, club fitting, instructing  and coaching students of all levels.

After my first 15 years of teaching it became clear that player development and coaching golf was way more effective than simply teaching golf.  The students that I developed long-term relationships with as a friend, coach and golfing mentor allowed me to work and develop a game plan designed to help them reach their goals in golf and provided us both with a much more rewarding learning experience.  

 A Coach Is a Person Who Knows What You Need and Helps You Get It!

As your Coach it becomes my job to provide you with a non-judgmental environment, a clear picture of what your swing should look and feel like, then put together a plan to help you minimize your compensations making you swing easier to repeat and requiring less timing.

My initial coaching sessions allow me to evaluate your swing, your athletic ability, your time and practice commitment. This allows us to develop a plan to help you reduce your swing compensations and develop a better balanced swing. Ultimately, when you understand your compensations and have a clear picture and understanding of why you hit it left, right and straight you will be able to make proper adjustments based on what the ball is doing.  This will free you up to become more target aware and less mechanical and you will finally be free to play better golf, improve your scores and most importantly have more fun.

“A bad swing gives you minimum time to make maximum compensations, and a good swing gives you maximum time to make minimum compensations.”   -Mac O’Grady

Gaylord Rhodes

Gaylord Rhodes

OwnerRhoderunner Golf Coaching Center
Certified Henry-Griffitts Master Clubfitter®

GSEB Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor
Class A Member of the PGA 1989-2001
PGA Instructor at Angel Park G C Las Vegas  1989-95
Board Member of SNJGA Golf Association 1990-95
Captain Boys America Cup Nevada 1993-1995

Head of Instruction and Club-fitting Sunrise  Country Club 1995-97
Director of Club-fitting Dalton Straight Shootin’ Golf  1997-2003
Henry-Griffitts Regional Training Professional 2003 to 2007
Head of Instruction Rhoderunner Golf Center Wildhorse G.C. Davis, CA 2005-11

Owner-Director of Instruction Rhoderunner Golf  LLC.. 2003-present
Direct email: rdrunnergolf@hotmail.com    Direct line 702-327-8268